Monday, May 21, 2007

Take a number

If you want to make me mad today, you have to get in line.

Get in line behind the plumber I've been waiting on for three weeks to install my automatic waterer in the horse pasture. We've trenched out the water line and taken out the old pump that leaked, leaving me with no water at the barn. I'm carrying buckets of water from the house to the barn three times a day.

Get in line behind our friend who is also our computer tech guy who has been telling me for two months he will add hard drive space to my computer so I can make videos. The reason I wanted this was to make graduation slide shows for two dear friends of ours. Graduation is here, Computer Tech Friend, but my hard drive is not.

Get in line behind my friend Pidgy who is supposedly building my riding arena. Okay, I have sand; I'm riding in it. But the time for getting grass seed to grow in all the dirt surrounding the arena is past. It's hot now, and dry. No Pidgy sighting for a week.

The thing that really gripes my butt is this: If it were my husband who had hired these people, the work would have been done a long time ago. I said as much to him yesterday. "It's because I'm female," I said. "If you wanted this stuff done, it'd be done." He had the decency to look sheepish, shrug his shoulders, and say, "You're right."

If you want to make me mad today, take a number.


slouching mom said...

I can see why you're mad!

Especially about the graduation video.

I hate when people promise what they can't deliver.

Slackermommy said...

I wouldn't dream of it! I'm going through the same thing with the guys that are painting my house and laying mulch. I've already paid them 95% for a job they've only done 25%.

nina said...

And, the fact that they're "friends" doesn't make it easy to scream at them, does it.
Like your site, enjoy your attitude--keep it up. Your positive outlook (most days :-)) is an encouragement!