Monday, July 27, 2009

Logan's 16th birthday

I look at this photo of Tim handing over the keys to Logan and I think, first of all, man, they are Good Looking. And then I think, parents are the most amazing creatures. Here is Tim handing over the keys, literally giving Logan his wings to fly away from us, when what we really want to do is keep him in our pocket where we know he'll always be safe.


How do you teach them to live really big lives when all your instincts scream, keep them close, keep them safe?

Stay safe, bright-eyed Snog. Live big.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My fambly

I'm posting this here just because I like it. And in case Luke ever gets homesick and needs to see a photo of his fambly. Wait. Luke? Homesick?

Luke, Logan, me, Tim
family,fambly,Luke's b-day

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Darby Diaries - The beginning

Here are photos of my future Olympic mount, Don Verde, whose barn name is Darby. He is a yearling Oldenburg colt, the first Premium colt out of the young stallion Don Principe.

Darby grazing behind our house.
Darby (resized copy)

Darby's lovely head.
Darby (resized copy)

Just off the trailer, still wearing his shipping boots. (I was playing Monday night volleyball when he arrived.)
Darby (resized copy)

Darby's first run in the pasture.
Darby (resized copy)

Speckles was turned out with Darby because he was being quite nice. (Buckles, not so much.)
Speckles (resized copy)

Speckles kicking up his heels.
Speckles (resized copy)

So much to tell. Speckles was good to Darby from the start but two days after Darby arrived, Speckles left to go back into reining training. As soon as Speck was gone, Buckles straightened up and decided a bratty yearling colt was a better friend than no friend at all. So things are calm again.

I've started working on basic ground stuff with Darby; he already leads well so we are adding stopping and backing. He has personal space issues that we are working on (not his personal space, mine.) Also, he does not want me to comb his forelock (bangs, according to my neighbor) so we are working on that. He would like to whack me with his big club head.

Overall, my impression after five days is that he is beautiful, smart, ornery, and more good-hearted than not (he has raised a hind leg at me as I tidied his stall while he was eating but he did not kick). I am pleased with my new boy and very excited about everything going on with the horses.

Speckles went to a new trainer who thinks he is the bomb; I think we'll be showing him in reining classes very soon. Plus, he was amazing with Darby. He's just a very, very, good boy.

Oh, the possibilities. I am so excited.