Thursday, May 10, 2007

Burning question

My house is exactly as clean as it needs to be so I can ride everyday without fighting with my husband.

How clean is your house?

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Gratuitous photo of me and Speckles; taken by good photographer, Logan.


Jodi said...

how clean is my house,LOL ..well my daughter told her male friend just the other day "our house has never been as messy as it has been for the last month". I'm thinking this is a bad thing, that the girls have my calendar and driving needs so over booked that house cleaning is way down on the list of priority. Wanna be the one to suggest a maid for the day as a Mother's Day gift [for me]?

Piddler said...

I definitely want to be the one who suggests a maid for the day for you for Mother's Day. How do I contact your daughters? I'll lay it on thick 'cause it sounds like they owe you!

Well, happy mother's day anyway.

slouching mom said...

It's not as clean as I'd like it to be, but if it mattered more to me, I guess it'd be cleaner.

Piles of (folded, at least) clean laundry have been sitting on the family room floor for three days.

Like that.