Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Darby Diaries - Equine WWF

We are having Indian summer in Ohio - perfect clear crisp days with temperatures in the 60s. Every morning, I look out my windows and this is what I see: the Equine World Wrestling Federation.
Gentlemen, take your corner. (It makes me laugh that they hold their games in the little arena instead of in their four acre pasture.)
Ding ding ding!
Rear up, bare your teeth, and look really ferocious but make sure no-one gets hurt.
The referee (Buckles) is forced to break it up before it gets out of hand.
Passage is the only way to express feeling this alive and manly. (Darby)
When the mornings are this lovely, you just gotta gallop. (Darby)

(I took these photos from inside the house. I tried on several mornings to go outside and take photos but the second they heard me coming they went to their stalls for breakfast.)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

writing my book

Logan and I are sick today. He's playing his guitar (working on the song Vanilla Twilight) and I am working on my book.

I just told him what it's like to write a book.

I said, "I go back and forth between thinking it's a heartbreaking work of staggering genius to thinking it's the most boring drivel ever put on a page."

He said, "I don't think you're capable of writing the most boring drivel ever put on a page." (Bless you my son.)

Then I said, "I'll be tooling along on a scene, thinking, wow, I'm really developing this character and then my saboteur voice goes, 'Hey, when's something gonna happen here already?" (I don't know why this voice has a Cliffy Claven Boston accent, but it does.)

Logan chuckled at my angst and went back to playing his guitar.

That's what's happening at my house today.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lovely October

It has been a fun, eventful month.

Carlena's new baby was born: Cory, Chris, baby Cameron, Carlena, Courtney

Joanie was here to see the new baby. Here she is trying to relax on the couch and talk on the phone but Trixie and Black Jack think she sat down to pet them. Everbody loves Aunt Joanie.

Last night, we went to our local pub's Halloween party. I went as Sarah P. and Tim and our neighbor Paul went as my Secret Service dudes. They played their roles to the hilt. We drove there in Paul's big black SUV, pulled up to the curb beside the bar, Tim and Paul got out and "secured the area" while a crowd of people waiting to go in looked on with interest. Then they opened my door and helped me out and the waiting crowd got it immediately. I pretended they were all there for my fundraiser so I shook a lot of hands.
It was very fun - whether they love Sarah or hate her, everyone wanted to talk to her (me) last night. Oh, and Sarah, I did my best on the dance floor to ruin (or improve?) your reputation in my county.

Security getting friendly with the locals.

Sarah P. meets Octomom (and kisses eight babies).

It was too much fun and a great end to a great month.