Monday, August 10, 2009

The Darby Diaries - Lines in the sand

Buckles is now allowing Darby to eat in the same area code as him. This is a big achievement to Darby.

While things with Buckles are going well, Darby and I are having a little battle over whether or not it is okay with me if he bites at me. Let me be clear, he has not bitten me but he swings his head around at me in a rudish manner as if he is going to be the one to decide where I am allowed to stand around him. Needless to say, I yell my pirate war cry and chase him, again, out the back door of the stall.

Let's just say Darby is testing boundaries, like a two-year-old child does, and I am busy drawing my lines in the sand.

I want to remember that among the little things we are working on are the very important manners of backing away from me (especially when I am delivering his grain and his hay) and moving over (from the lightest touch).

And he is learning his name. I say it every time I give him his food. I also say Buckles when I give the big guy his food, which Buckles probably thinks is strange because he has known his name for a long time. But now I want Darby to know that Darby stands for him and Buckles stands for Big Boss Dude.

Well, for now Buckles is the big boss dude. But look at the photo again. Buckles is 16'3" which is pretty darn big. Darby is a yearling; he's gonna be huge. Buckles better lay down the law now or Darby is gonna make his life miserable in a couple of years.

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