Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Track meet

Tim and Luke are beaming tonight; it was another successful track meet.

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Luke finished fourth in the mile (first time he's ever raced the mile); then he finished second in the two mile. He makes running distances look easy. (He did not get this gift from me.)

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Way to go, Luke. You make us proud in so many ways.


I've been to Michigan checking in on all my bag accounts. It was a successful trip; my customers are so nice. And I'm not just saying that because I think they'll stumble upon my blog as they cruise the 'net. The folks in Michigan were laid back and actually seemed kind of glad (?) to see a sales rep. They had all day to talk.

Everyone was pleasant all day long except the waitress I had at lunch who was cloying and hovering; she was on some rocking stimulant. I was reading but she never missed a chance to interrupt to see if I needed anything. What I needed was for her to leave me alone.

One other complaint and that's it - I was doing all that driving, zig-zagging back and forth across Michigan and it was Michigan Public Radio's pledge drive week. So I only got half of every show. Sigh.

Oh well, I turned on my iPod and sang myself hoarse. It served well to keep me awake while driving. All in all, a good trip.

Better to be home, though, with my boys.

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