Monday, March 19, 2007

All about Lukey

Looking over my blog thus far, I see that I feature Logan much more than Lukey, and if I'm not careful you (and he) may begin to think that I favor one boyman over the other, which would be a terrible think for anyone to think because I am as crazy about both of them as it is possible to be.

Whereas Logan is excitement and energy and drama and silliness, Luke is calm and fun and self-possessed and wise. If they were a song, Logan would be the flutes, the high busy notes; Luke would be the strong deep notes steadily driving the song forward.

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Top ten cool things about Luke:

10. He is a trivia master.

9. He loves Broadway music (and theatre).

8. He is an accomplished clarinetist, pianist, and singer.

7. He plays tunes and lets me sing along, loudly and often.

6. He looks great in a tux (one of which he has owned since he was 13 (pieced together secondhand) and which he wears often for musical performances).

5. He scored a 34 (out of 36) on the ACT (when he was 15).

4. He can run five miles in 37 minutes.

3. He thinks straight-A report cards are just a normal thing.

2. He has never told a lie (that I know of).

1. The number one coolest thing about Luke is that he is a geek and proud of it.

He is who he is through and through, impervious to the fashions of the moment or pressures to be someone else's idea of cool.

And that is so totally cool.

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