Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Staff of Life

Tim and Luke are in track practice now. This is Luke's first time running track although Tim (and I) have always known he is an amazing runner. Tim got asked to be one of the assistant coaches so he is in his element. Tim missed his calling as a coach; sports of all sorts are his passion. On the first day of practice, at 3:15, I said to Logan, "Hey, right now, daddy is doing the thing he was born to do; we should send him good thoughts."

Here is a photo of Logan sending good thoughts to Tim:

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Logan was home sick today. He was chilled so he put on Tim's blue sweatshirt and pulled the hood up. It made his blue eyes look even bluer.

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Snoggy Blue Eyes

My Snoggy is a snuggler. He was laying around, not feeling good, I was piddling around in the kitchen. He was trying to get me to relieve his boredom by snuggling with him. I kept protesting that I was busy. He hollered, "One of these days my childhood is gonna be over and you're gonna regret this."

One wise brat.

So of course I snuggled with him. I wrapped him in a hug and did "the claw" a bunch of times. And tickled him. Never one to miss a snuggling opportunity, Trixie came and sat next to the couch so I could pet her at the same time.

While we were snuggling, Logan gave me the best compliment of my life.

"Remember," he said, "when you told me what people call bread?"

"Yeah," I said, "the staff of life."

"That's right," he agreed brightly, as the words came back to him.

Then he said: "That's what you are in this family."

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beth said...

Great picture; sounds like you have some wonderful boys.