Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Brain Dead Blogger

I don't know what's wrong with me but I've ruled out depression and I'm trying to decide between onset of menopause or onset of Alzheimers'. I'm hoping it's menopause because that passes. My major symptom is brain-deadedness. I'm also trying to figure out what it means that the slowing down of my estrogen production is leaving me brain-dead. Anybody...anybody?

My brain is the only part of my life slowing down. The rest of my life is moving in indirect proportion to my brain, which only compounds the problem. For instance, tomorrow's schedule: Logan golf clinic, 9 to 10:15; me teach riding lesson at 10 a.m.; Luke haircut for senior photos (on Thursday) 11:30. Luke has to be back home by 12:30 to be picked up by driving school dude for two hours of driving time. Logan ortho appt. 2 p.m. Pick up new volleyball while in the big city because we have busted our other one after five weeks of play. Hurry home to get Luke to his clarinet lesson at 5 p.m.; then drop he and Logan off to help a friend with his Eagle Scout project of building a bridge at a nature center. Rush home to play in volleyball league game at 6 p.m. Feed horses. Pick up kids. Go to bed.

I'm not complaining, just reporting the facts. I love it that Luke and Logan are so involved in so many things. Their lives are full and fun and they are living passionately: Luke is passionate about piano and marching band; Logan, right now, is passionate about golf. The problem is that they are dependent on a driver to get them to these things so my things, especially this blog, have suffered.

Luke tells us several times a day how many days until he can take his driver's test. Nine days, as of today. He's not the only one counting. I thought I was dreading the day he could drive off without me but he has worn me down. Go, I say. God speed. I'm ready to be on my schedule.

Nine days....

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