Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Free Birds

So Luke got his driver's license today.

And he drove himself to marching band practice tonight.
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Although he was stuck with Logan, who had plans to go to a friend's house. When it was time to go, Tim and I followed them out the driveway with our cameras.
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Sometimes I feel sorry for our boys having us as parents. We are so...parental.

To freak us out, Luke goosed the gas as they headed down the street. Does Logan look scared or excited?
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Earlier, at the exam station, the second Luke's license came off the press he asked me if he could drive around the block of the exam station by himself. "Sure," I said and he headed out the door. I waited a nanosecond and followed. As I watched him turn right out of the parking lot I had a teary-eyed moment when I thought my heart would break, mostly with pride at the young man he has become. I sent blessings out to him across the parking lot, blessings and prayers and wishes that he will be careful and safe and always come home in one piece.

It has been a fun time, driving him to all his piano, band, school, clarinet, soccer, etc. all these years, talking and singing in the car, hanging around while he did his thing, then driving him home. But he's ready to take off on his own life and I'm ready to have my life back. I'm ready to get serious about this horse stuff.

We both feel like free birds.
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