Monday, June 4, 2007

Low Impact Failure

Crunchy Chicken took a poll and learned 52% of her respondents are feeling pretty good about what they are doing during Low Impact Week.

Not me. I'm several categories down the list in Ugh!

All I have done is drive kids to graduation parties; attend one important (to me) graduation party, work on slide shows for graduation parties (yes, I have new hard drive) and plan Queenie's graduation party.

Too much driving; too much rushing. I got behind on the laundry so used the dryer for one load, which is the first time in over three weeks I've used the dryer.

It is interesting to me that living Low Impact can't be done in a rush. I think there is an elemental truth in this observation that explains how we got where we are and why it's so hard to do things differently. I wanted to do things differently this week, wanted to be the star of Crunchy's experiment, but I'm not doing near what I thought I would.

A long time ago I was a Diet Coke drinker. I would have a piece of chocolate cake with ice cream and chase it with Diet Coke on the notion of, hey, I was saving calories, right? That's how my environmentalism feels, like maybe I'm fooling myself.

Food for thought, I guess.

I'm going to bed, but not before I turn off my computer. If you're participating in Low Impact Week, there's today's quick thing you can do: Begin a habit of shutting your computer down for the night.

And don't forget, if you make a low impact change, be sure to check in at Crunchy Chicken's website and leave a comment so she can tally up the number of participants.

I hope you all are doing better at this than I am; I need to be carried for awhile.

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