Friday, April 27, 2007

National Honor Society inductee

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Luke and his mentor/theatre teacher after the ceremony.

Luke was inducted into his high school's chapter of the National Honor Society this week.

I have this thought going through my head of something I read once, advising mothers to forgive themselves for mistakes their children make. The author's reasoning was that, as mothers, we don't have to take the blame when they're bad because we don't take the credit when they're good. When, for instance, they get good grades or are accidentally nice to siblings.

The thing is, if one of my kids ever did something really bad, there would be no end to me blaming myself. So I feel entirely justified in taking the credit when one of them does something good.

Not only did I carry him in my belly for nine months - nay, forty weeks which by my reckoning is ten months - I sang to him, read to him, played music for him while he was in there. I ate healthy foods, gave up alcohol (easy)and caffeine (not so easy).

I endured labor. Medals should be awarded.

At each stage of his life, in-utero and ex-utero, I read books and magazines and anything I could get my hands on to make sure he was keeping up and growing up and reaching all the milestones experts said he should reach.

And he's so much like me: he's curious, he reads, he thinks.

The credit is mine! All mine!

(Maniacal mommy laughter...)

And if one of my boys ever does do something bad, it'll be because of that unfortunate gene they got from their father, of course.

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Rechelle said...

On the rare occassions when my boys do something good, I too take all the credit. It's only right.