Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walking machine

The very best thing about the laptop computer Tim got me for Christmas is the shelf he built across the treadmill so I can walk while I mess around on-line and write my book. I am a walking machine.

I have walked about five miles a day nearly every day since my shelf was built (two days after Christmas). I was reading about other Office Walkers and they all say they walk about 1 MPH. I started out thinking I was going to walk very slowly but when I walk that slow, it makes me feel as if I am pushing the treadmill and my knees begin to hurt. I find I don't have any trouble typing when I walk up to 3 MPH so I am usually in that range (and a little faster if I am just cruisin' the internet).

Click here to go to the site that inspired me to have a treadmill desk and to see photos of a wide variety of treadmill desk designs.

Here's one more photo of my shelf to show how simple it is - just a board we had in the barn, cut to fit across the arms of the treadmill. The shelf is attached on both sides with a U-bolt (my jar is leaning against the uprights of the U) and there is a small strip of trim across the front of the shelf to keep my stuff from sliding off the front (because the shelf leans a little to the front). Extremely simple, terrifically useful.
(Oh, and check out my horse butt boxers from my fellow horse-nut friend, Sue. It's obvious I did not get myself dolled up for this photo shoot.)

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