Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What to do with a Speckled horse?

You can see it in the video (above): Speckles is a very good boy. He is willing and a good worker, especially when he gets to work outside. (Indoor work, he says, is Borrring.)

So here's Speckles working, being ridden by his reining trainer. He's been with this trainer for three weeks. The trainer tells me, "if we're going to go on with reining training, it's time to get tough with him." The trainer and I have had conversations; he knows I don't have a stomach for "getting tough." When I left Speck with him I told him I didn't want him to tie Speck's head around (he said he'd call me if it came to that), I asked him if Speck got a reward after he worked (no), I asked him if he got turned out (no). The guy knows I'm a softy so he's warning me.

As I was walking Speckles, cooling him out after the ride in the video, I realized I don't have what it takes to get a reining horse to the top. I don't know if Speckles has what it takes or not and it would take a lot more training to find out. But I know I don't have it.

I want to ride Speckles, fast, in the fields and woods around our house. I want to give him treats after a fun ride; I want him to go outside on these lovely summer nights and hang out with Buckles and Darby and eat grass.

I want him to be a horse.

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