Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catching up with myself

All these photos and things I want to remember that I never get around to posting? Today, I'm throwin'em on here in no particular order. I just gotta do it or give up on it. So I'm doin' it.

Luke's 18th bday
Luke turned 18 in June. Then he left to go to be a camp counselor in Michigan. I haven't disowned him or anything. He's absent from my blog because (sigh) he's absent from my life (except for my lifeline, the cell phone). We picked him up from camp on Sunday and got to see him for a whole seven hours as we drove from his camp to his college and dropped him off in time to meet his roommate, sleep, and start classes the next day. His summer at camp, he says, was "amazing."

Logan YMCA Rockies
In July, Tim and I took Logan and his friend, Burge, on vacation out west. Here we are playing volleyball at YMCA of the Rockies. That's Logan spiking.

Yip-pe-yi-o steakhouse
After Colorado, we drove to the Grand Canyon and met my Danish friend, Janni, who I worked with at Camp Kern twenty years ago. She is married to Chris from India. Here's all of us at the Yip-pee-yi-o Steakhouse near the canyon.

Grand Canyon 09
Me with all the kids; a Grand Canyon sunset.

Janni and family
Chris, Janni, Savanna (10) and Daniel (5).

Logan, Tim, me.

Logan and Daniel
Daniel bought a book at the giftshop; Logan read it to him.

Janni and Savanna
Janni and Savanna.

Cowboy Daniel.

At the end of July, Logan turned sixteen. I did get around to posting about that.


Courtney's b-day
My great-niece, Courtney, turned fourteen. We had to interrupt Monday night volleyball to sing Happy Birthday and eat hot fudge cake.

Tim piggin' out
Some of us really like hot fudge cake.

Logan got his license
Mid-August, Logan passed his driving test and became a licensed driver. Tim is giving last minute instructions before Logan drives off by himself for the first time.

Logan license
Logan being agreeable when what he really wants to do is burn rubber out the driveway.

And then, two days ago, Logan's school started:

Logan sophomore
Obligatory First Day of School Photo under the maple tree.

Logan & Tim
Photo totally just to ogle two of my good looking guys.

Logan driving himself to school for the first time.

Life is good.

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