Thursday, March 20, 2008

Organic Food

Today, I received the annual newsletter from the organic farmers from whom I buy eggs, our Thanksgiving turkey, roasting chickens, and vegetables (in season). I am pleased to see that they now have a website, I have added them to my Daily Blog Check list at left. Check them out. If you don't live in this area, read their website to become inspired to find some local, organic farmers of your very own. The work they do is vital to the health of our beloved planet, not to mention the quality and taste of their fresh products exceeds anything available in the grocery store. As Barbara Kingsolver says in her great book, Animal Vegetable, Miracle, we should be skeptical of produce that had "a misspent youth in the back of a refrigerator truck."

It is a great feeling to look in my fridge and know where the food came from and know how the animals spent their lives. And to know that I am supporting my neighbors in their livelihood and their effort to keep our neighborhood clean of mystery chemicals in the ground and water.

Try it. You'll be surprised how rewarding it is. Carlena, if you read this, especially check on their website the dates they are at farmer's markets. They are in your area fairly often.

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